Each card in Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest can have one or more attributes.

<Attribute Name> - In-game description (icon description)

Devoid - Gains mana from void matches (bubble icon)

Reach - Has Defender and can block Flying creatures (bow and arrow)

Berserker - Attacks enemy creatures first (monster face with horns and pointy teeth)

Death Touch - Any damage is enough to kill a defending creature (skull with medusa hair)

First Strike - Deals damage first (enemy only retaliates if it survives) (thick arrow pointing right)

Transform - This card can flip when the right conditions are met (gear/sun inside circle or moon inside circle)

Trample - Excess damage dealt to a creature is dealt to the planeswalker (monstrous foot)

Haste - Attacks the turn it enters the battlefield (left-pointing arrow with extra points on the right)

Awaken - Fill a 2nd bar of mana to trigger the awaken ability (two concentric circles)

Converge - Fill with different mana colours to gain a bigger effect (pentagon with filled-in circles at the points and a zero or perhaps other number in the middle)

Flying - Can only be blocked by creatures with Reach or Flying and Defender (bat wings)

Defender - Defends Planeswalker from enemy creatures if possible (castle tower/rook)

Vigilance - Becomes a Defender when no other Defender is present (shield with an eye)

Hexproof - Cannot be targeted by enemy spells and abilities (three hands or flowers in a circle)

Unblockable - Cannot be blocked by Defenders (shattered castle tower/rook)

Lifelink - Your planeswalker gains life equal to the damage dealt (cross with arrow pointing down into pincers?)

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